Morgan Faithe/ Morrigan Creed


Morgan has a dreary outlook on life. She isn’t suicidal, but she doesn’t see the point in a lot of things, not since her brother disappeared. Of the few things that interest are working on and riding motorcycles. Riding motorcycles is one of the few things that makes her feel alive, and she occasionally skips school to attend local motorcycle rallies.

Despite their efforts Morgan has been rather unresponsive to the advances of boys (and some girls) at her school. She has tried dating a few times, but often the relationship quickly stagnates. In some cases Morgan has completely forgotten about the relationship, to the dismay of the other person.

Morgan isn’t popular, or unpopular at school.

Morgan’s outfit is almost entirely denim. Sometimes she wears a leather jacket, but she usually only wears that on special occasions, like rallies.

She isn’t religious, but she isn’t anti-religious either.

Morgan smokes, and sneaks around her school to smoke.

Hide and Go Seek in the Steam Tunnels

Morgan, her older brother Liam and a group of friends go play hide and seek in the steam tunnels.
Morgan and her friend Emily find the perfect hiding spot, and small break in the walls of the steam tunnels.
Emily is too scared to enter the hiding place, so Morgan goes in alone.
Emily runs off and returns with Liam.
Liam and Emily enter the hiding place to find Morgan.
Emily steps on a weak place and falls to a lower level.
Morgan comes out to see Liam climbing down to rescue Emily, but has a horrible feeling that Liam something is wrong and that they should leave immediately.
Liam ignores Morgan and descends to find Emily anyway.
After waiting quite a while others come to find Morgan huddled right inside the hiding place, saying “he never came back” over and over again. Liam was never found despite several search parties, which couldn’t find the section of tunnels Morgan told them about.

Due to the “veil” Morgan remembers her brothers death differently than what actually happened.

The break in the wall is closed up, sealing in whatever it was that was inside.

After this event, Morgan had horrible nightmares for years; nightmares whose only feature she could remember was that they involved her brother Liam and that something awful was happening. After years of therapy, the nightmares faded and disappeared.

Emily and Morgan (both too traumatized to speak of it) never spoke of the event, and eventually stopped talking to each other altogether.



Morgan Faithe/ Morrigan Creed

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